Our beverages are hand crafted using the finest ingredients, and all syrups and purees used are made with real fruit and do not contains any artificial flavours. Each beverage recipe is designed to allow for maximum customization by the customer.


With a choice of over 80 Hot & Iced Coffees, including our signature Frappes, there is something for everyone and every occasions.


We serve a variety of traditional and unique new flavours of Hot & Iced Teas, to suit all kinds of taste buds.


Our handcrafted Shakes are blended with oodles of Ice Cream.
Smoothies are a rich blend of Fruits and Yogurt.


We serve a variety of Carbonated & Non-Carbonated Mocktails, inlcuding alltime favourites such as Pina Colada, Flavoured Mojitos, & Lemonades.
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